About Me


Welcome to my Blog and thanks for come here.
I’ll write this Biodate using english so everyone can read it^^

My name is Dhara Adhnandya Kumara. Or you can call me Dhara, my ‘author’ name is Dea Dhara. I am an author wanna be! Hope I can be a real author so everyone can enjoy what I wrote. Ah, again I love Kpop, especialy Super Junior and Girls Generation. I love Super Generation couple to, the best couple for me is Seokyu -Seohyun & Kyuhyun-.
I was born on 2nd January 1998. I’m still young hohoho, I’m a maknae in my group! My hobby of course read and write plus listening to music -ballad music-.
Now I’ll tell you what blog this have.
I’ll post everything that I like but not as a spam~

  1. Fanfiction (Mostly is Seokyu fanfiction)
  2. Novels Review (Mostly Indonesian novels or translation)
  3. Tutorials
  4. Cosmetic Review too! (I love cosmetic and I can be a beauty blogger, so enjoy
  5. My Self experience

and all what I love. But mostly I’ll you Indonesian language but I’ll try my best to make it using english. The english post will be put in a special place kekeke…
Well just enjoy my Blog.

If you want to contact me you can follow my twitter or instagram ^0^9
Twitter : @specialthatch98
Instagram : @nandya_

Thank you! I Love You!

-Dea Dhara-


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